Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Got a call at 7am-ish from friend Erica that the Blackberry farm was still open. HMMMM...can I handle 2 kids at the patch?? Off we go!!! I put Harbour in the sling and gave Thatcher the bucket. Like other plants, she wanted nothing to do with the blackberries..unless I picked them and let her squish them in her hands. Then she was ok with them. Couldn't put Harbour down in the grass so all my pics are of Thatcher. It has been 2 years since we have been so this was fun! Thatcher can find some great ones...and most were at his pickin' level so we got a full bucket pretty quickly. Nice and cool morning. These bushes are thornless which makes it great to take the kids. After about 15 min, Harbour was asleep and I was trying to keep up with Thatcher's mad pickin' skills!! Cobbler here we come!!!

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